MatchReady Competitions is the easiest, fastest and most intuitive application that enables the dynamic and effective control of all processes related to sports competition. Forget the paperwork and digitalize all the processes of your competition.

Creation of competitions

Creating and configuring competitions is fast, simple and very intuitive. You can create as many as you need and define your configuration.

Create calendars

Allows the creation of competition calendars manually or randomly. Both regular league and playoff phases.

Digital records

Matchready allows the creation and digitalization of all the records of sporting events. Can be filled through any mobile device

Payment of referees

The system facilitates the payment of referees, being able to configure the concepts and calculating the amounts to be received by each one.

Statistics management

MatchReady generates statistics from the data collected in the minutes. These will be stored in the system and can be integrated into the web page.

Injured and sanctioned

Matchready has a tool that allows the blocking and activation of any person either by injury or by an active sanction

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More services

User Management

Manage players in different teams of your club.

Census of playing fields

Census and location of all the sports facilities of your competition.

Files and documents

Files and documents available in real time on your website.

Fair Play rating

Additional classification determined by fair play values.

User profiles

Four user profiles: referee, coach, delegate and player.

Communications system

The application notifies by email the creation and modification of records.

Calls Selections

Possibility of issuing calls for selections through the system.

Integration in website

Multi-device application for computers, tablets and mobile phones.