MatchReady Licenses is the most agile and dynamic digital application that facilitates processes linked to the management of licenses in a quick and friendly way, eliminating paper completely.

Federated management

MatchReady allows to quickly and intuitively generate a federated license by simplifying processes and reducing the steps to be taken.

Issuance of licenses

We can issue a license eliminating paper management, thanks to the digital signature system on screen, which simplifies and speeds up the process.

Delivery notes and invoices

The federation may issue delivery notes and the corresponding invoices to validate licenses, as well as, invoice any other concept.

Insurance companies

Manage one or several insurers in the same season. This will allow segmenting the different coverages of each federation.

License states

The flow of states of a license in MatchReady Licenses allows to know in each moment in which point is each one of them.

Link with Competitions

MatchReady Licenses can be linked to our system of competitions. All the movements of a system will be replicated in real time.

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More services

Issuance requests

The club may make the request for the issuance of delivery notes

Modalities, categories and subcategories

Parameterize your entire entity with the different categories and licensing modalities

Issuance of medical parts

Control of the accident rate of your sport accidents

Sanctions control

Control all sanctions, whether sporting or economic.